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Anthony is a Canadian born American boy. Growing up in Las Vegas he married his first wife in college and together they moved to Kansas where Anthony purchased his first home and eliminated his debt. He was actively involved in platform ministry. An aspiring recording artist, Anthony is a creative genius. He worked as an Investment Advisor prior to tragically losing his first son at 4 days old. As a result, he struggled with depression and anxiety which contributed to his marriage ending. He lost everything. After his ex-wife and second son moved to another state, Anthony struggled to survive. In late 2016 he moved back to Canada. Where he met Lisa in early 2017 through his sister. Their relationship bloomed as she worked editing Anthony's first course Discovering God's Voice. They married two and a half months after meeting. Anthony published then produced a Video Series, The God Letter. Followed by his first book, Keys to Abundance and launched clothing line Royal Daughter DNA. His most recent Infinate Impact Accelerator is a customized life coaching curriculum including Unstuck Acedemy, Beyond Procrastination, Beyond Success. He currently consults Executives as a Client Success Manager.



Lisa  grew up in British Columbia. She had a very troubled childhood in which her parents separated very early and she was put into foster care. She later moved in with her father where she and her sister experienced constant mental and emotional abuse. She turned to drugs and alcohol as a mean for escapes and became pregnant at the age of 18. She struggled as a single mom with very little help, and persevered through abusive relationships. Lisa decided she would not be a victim. She put her faith in God, working multiple jobs and overcame physical adversity losing 100 lbs 2011-2012. Since then she has run 8 half marathons and became a Certified personal trainer. She also leads group fitness and is passionate about holistic wellness. Her additional certificates include Active Aging, Clean Eating, Hamstring Injury Recovery. She also has climbed the ladder in the Investment sector working in several key positions in both IRROC and MFDA regulated firms. She is now Mutual Fund licensed and works as an Advisor Assistant at Leede, Jones, and Gable. In 2018, Lisa ran for Municipal office, though not, elected she successfully rallied 19,857 votes as an independent. Lisa is a writer, a mother, a lover of many things.

Together they recently welcomed their first daughter together.

  • Life Coaching, Achology

  • Personal Training Specialist, CanFit Pro.

  • Investment Funds in Canada, Canadian Securities Institute

  • Masters in Business Administration, Grantham University.

  • Author and Creator, The God Letter, Hearing God's Voice, Keys to Abundance.


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