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Welcome to LifeStory.

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Life Story Consulting is committed to helping you lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life. We offer customized coaching services to help you move forward and reach your goals. Our team of certified life coaches are here to give you the tools and resources to live a life of joy and abundance.

At Life Story Consulting, we believe that everyone is capable of achieving success and living a life they love. To get you started, we offer a free ebook on how to never procrastinate again and protect you dream in 4 easy steps.

Here at LIFESTORY, we make transformation fun, exciting and effective.

Meet Co-Founder Anthony Alexis, a seasoned course creator who embarked on his coaching journey in 2016 during his MBA. Originally, Transforming Love, we rebranded in 2019 to Life Story Consulting.

What We Offer

At LIFESTORY Consulting, we don't offer just coaching services. We offer a pathway to a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Our customized coaching approach is tailor made to help you break barriers and reach your loftiest life goals.


Podcast/ Speaking Engagements

Looking to collaborate online or in person.


One on One Consulting/ Coaching

Need direct help and accountability



A "refreshingly simple exercise" that you can practice every day to completely change your life, by opening up your heart and spiritual ears to Jesus




Are you successful at serving your clients, yet feeling UNFULFILLED and FRUSTRATED that you can't CONSISTENTLY drive the SAME FOCUS & ENERGY into your own passion projects?

Barbarett Corbins

“when I Found LIFESTORY, I was the definition of stuck: in a hospital bed awaiting surgery. I'm proud to sa that i am pivoting into my dream career with a new psychology degree."

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